Lisa R., Long Beach, CA, Social Worker

Lida's infectious energy and enthusiasm, combined with her insight, compassion, and deep love for others, was an inspiration to all of us who participated. Linda has the gift of being able to use her wisdom as well as her own life experiences to inspire, guide, and assist others on their journey toward wholeness.

Janine VR., Oakville, Ontario, Canada, RN Retired, Women's Facilitator

Linda is dynamic, energetic and extremely insightful. She has a special aura and gift for understanding Spirit, and she is generous in sharing her many skills. As a leader and facilitator of groups she is a master, and her wide range of life experience presents an empathy and connection with everyone she meets.

I am looking forward to attending the Chatoyant Living retreat in Vermont this year. I know with Linda it will be deeply introspective, fulfilling, and a fun journey.

Diane B., NY Teacher of Esthetics, Spa Owner

Our recent discussion started out with a quiet meditation but as we began our introductions to one another I found myself settling into a really comfortable conversation with Linda. I was so impressed with her insightfulness and knowledge.
I'm looking forward to our next exercise together as she has graciously given me some tools to work with.
Linda is a gifted and passionate woman that is listening to her personal calling to guide and support women with light and love.

Linda's talent as a writer is that she is able to take the most fragile discussion and bring it forth with such sensitivity and clarity that is not only supportive but also safe.

Barbara C., Indiana, Home Health Assistant

My relationship with Linda as my coach has been more that I imagined it would be. When we first started talking I felt like my life was on auto-pilot and not in a good way. It was like I was always trying to deal with everything going on and I reached a point after I lost my mom where it felt overwhelming. I would have settled for learning how to keep it together when things start getting carried away, but Linda has helped me understand how to ‘lead’ my own life instead of reacting to it.

Linda listens and understands.

Roberta C., Mesa, AZ. Clinical Analyst

Linda has a high level of emotional intelligence. She has a rare talent and intuition for understanding, comforting, and assisting those who are going through difficult times.

Linda’s positive attitude, confidence, and healthy self-esteem inspire and promote confidence and increased self-worth in others. She helps you imagine that you can do anything you want to do and that you can do it in your own unique way. Linda is an excellent teacher and guide one on one as well as facilitator and group leader.

Deborah W., Murphy, NC Registered Nurse Retired

Linda is someone who listens without judgment or prejudice and someone who understands and supports unconditionally. She approaches a problem objectively and is able to gently guide another towards understanding and decision making without being moralistic. She helps others to develop confidence in themselves and their abilities.

What I admire most about Linda is her genuine caring spirit. Linda is a cheerleader and encourager of other women. I believe Linda is an inspiration to other women in their personal growth because she truly believes in the power and uniqueness of each woman.