We are a Florida-based company founded by a woman to encourage and support women of every nationality, race, creed, age, socio-economic background.

Our Mission:

The Chatoyant Living mission is to offer women unforgettable travel experiences, principles, and practices for extending love and care to those around us without denying our own self-care and development, enhanced by fellowship with women supporting each other in Christian love. 

Our Vision:

For Women to experience as they transcend through difficult life and world transitions, the light, clarity, and inclusion that can only be found in the life and purpose God has uniquely created for them. 

Our Philosophy:

Like gemstones, every woman of God is a unique expression of light, clarity, and inclusion.

It is by the Holy Spirit that we are able to see both the light and the shadow that exists within ourselves. 

With this clarity of vision, we understand the purpose, the love, and the beauty of our whole selves as we walk in the light of His grace.

Our Services:

Coaching/Mentoring, Tele-workshops, and Live Workshops.

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as well as our free and discounted offers on services, upcoming events, retreats, and travel experiences.

Join us as we redefine both Women's Retreats and Women's Group Travel through our Chatoyant Approach.

Our Travel Services:

Traveling is one of the best tools for a woman's overall health and wellbeing. It allows us space to dream, explore our interests, allow our sense of wonder, increase our knowledge, experience new sights and culture, discover deeper gratitude, welcome the unexpected, and pursue a little adventure along the way.

When you travel with us you can be assured that every traveler will be assisted promptly with questions, concerns, or issues that might arise prior to departure and during travel.

All costs are fully disclosed without any hidden costs or fees, and all tips and gratuities are taken care of for you.

Each trip is hosted by our founder Linda Murray-Figueroa who will give you the personal attention of getting to know you. Linda is occasionally joined by other thought-provoking women speakers, practitioners, and teachers.

"I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to offer these services to women and I look forward to traveling beside you and sharing this part of our Christian journey and adventure together."

- Linda

Women's Wisdom Retreats

As women, we often give tirelessly. Time just for us is precious, rare, and sometimes nonexistent. But time is required for self-care so we can replenish and renew to be full participants in our lives and to be prepared for what Christ asks of us.

There are as many reasons to attend one of our retreats as there are women who attend. Perhaps you have experienced loss. Loss comes in many forms and is often misunderstood by others who avoid talking about it or leave you feeling that you should be silent. Maybe you are overworked or stressed and seek to rekindle your passion for Christ. You might be going through a painful life transition, or you could be having difficulty making a decision or change in your life.

Chatoyant Living Women's Retreats are a time to step away from the everyday noise into an atmosphere of spiritual renewal. All the details are lovingly arranged for stress-free comfort, inspiration, and joy. With exercises and practices that will nourish your body, mind, and spirit, our Retreats offer the perfect blend of exercise and activity, solitude, rest, and a little pampering.  Our gatherings are often a time of laughter and tears, sharing our stories with other incredible and inspiring women.

Bucket-List Travel Destinations

Whether you are considering your first solo travel experience or you are a seasoned traveler desiring to travel in the safety and comradery of a women's only group, our destination travel is perfect for you! Our women's travel experiences create the atmosphere of girlfriends traveling together. Relax and enjoy the ease that comes from knowing that all the travel details are taken care of from the time you land at the airport until you return.

We travel together to places of incredible natural beauty and as well as to exciting hotspots of activity and entertainment. We immerse ourselves in the authentic culture and cuisine, and excursions are coordinated with knowledgeable local guides and experts. Chatoyant Living Travel offers the perfect blend of sightseeing, participating in cultural activities, shopping, exercise, rest and pampering, solitude, and free time to choose activities or explore on your own. 

Women's Dream Experiences

Perhaps you are single, divorced, or widowed, and there is something you yearn to do but you don't want to experience it alone. Maybe you are married or in a relationship and your partner doesn't share this particular interest. Join a group of like-minded women, who wish to travel with the focus on a particular dream experience. We are always thrilled to offer "I always wanted to do that!" travel experiences that will remain in your heart for a lifetime. These adventures are typically designed for active fun-loving women but do not require a high level of physical fitness. Have you always wanted to...?

...View the Aurora Borealis
...Road trip the overseas highway in the Florida Keys
...Kiss the Blarney Stone in Ireland
...Helicopter ride over a volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii
...Ice-skate in NYC Central Park
...Swim with dolphins

Linda would love to hear your "I've always wanted to do that!" experience list. Please call or email her if there is an experience you would like to see offered. We listen!

If you are the first to recommend a unique travel experience and we offer the experience based off of your request, you will receive a $100 discount and be included in our advertisement when you book the experience!

  • We are also happy to work with your small group and design a custom experience, workshop, retreat, or destination travel itinerary.
  • We maintain a wait list on all retreats/experiences/destinations that are full and last minute travelers are accommodated if space is available.
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Welcome! I am Linda Murray-Figueroa, the founding director of Chatoyant Living, LLC. I am thrilled that you are here. My hope is to someday meet each and every woman who visits this website whether it's through one of our travel programs, retreats, workshops or events, tele- programs, coaching or mentoring via Skype or maybe by phone. Does that sound like I have really lofty hopes? Well, you are right! I most certainly do! 

Because I hope for the opportunity to meet you, I want to offer you a clear view into what I do and who I am. I'll begin by telling you what I do- my professional life- and then I'll go beyond degrees and certifications- I'll share my journey and who I am.

What I do

I have spent nearly half my life involved in the profession of "people care". I started working in healthcare a few years before completing my bachelor's degree and becoming a registered nurse over 25 years ago. Upon graduation, I was inducted into the International Honor Society of Nursing -Sigma Theta Tau.

One of the professional benefits that come with being an RN is the wide variety of roles that are available. I have worked in geriatrics, the emergency department, coronary intensive care, and the operating room. I have been a hospital staff educator, as well as a community educator teaching Basic Life support (BLS) to the fire department and other organizations. I have traveled extensively for the joy and wisdom of it, but also professionally. For a few brief years I served with amazing nurses and doctors in the armed forces as an AFRES nurse gaining the rank of captain but more importantly, greater insight into human nature- particularly my own. I crossed the US a couple of times working as a traveling OR nurse from small communities to large metropolitan areas, where I acquired a unique perception of healthcare needs and availability of services on a national level and a more intimate view of the beauty in our American multi-culture.

I have found that nurses are some of the most loving and selfless souls in the world, and their actions and stories have touched my heart and life in ways I could not even begin to express. Throughout my nursing career I witnessed how nurses routinely sacrifice their own health and relationships to care for others. It became evident to me that essential self-care was almost nonexistent; the nurses needed a nurse! My desire was to find a way to offer support to help other nurses. So with every door that opened for me to transverse into an instructor, facilitator, or mentoring role, I gratefully walked across the threshold. When the push for electronic health records hit mainstream America, I was approached to manage the implementation, and training for multiple departments at a local Medical Center. Was I a computer expert? Did I have any IT experience at all? No and no. But neither did the other nurses, and for the majority of them it was going to mean an extreme change in the way they practiced. Some of the nurses had never even used a computer at that time and for most the thought of adding this new dimension to their already overtaxed schedule was considered so impossible that the project was initially referred to as the "straw that will finally break the nurses' back". I was being called to become an expert so I could assist and become a liaison between the vastly different worlds of IT and nursing. A perfect opportunity to be of service to nurses, but it would also mean I would no longer be giving direct patient care. Prior to this door opening, I didn't really know where my "career path" was taking me, but at that moment it became both terrifying yet exquisitely clear that all my paths had led to this one. I shed a few tears when I walked across that threshold of something lost but something gained. With cohesion between the IT Department staff and the Perioperative Nursing Department staff, together we made the necessary- and as it turned out- relatively smooth transition to electronic medical records (EMR).

My local IT work eventually propelled me into national consulting- implementing, teaching, and supporting EMR and hospital scheduling systems in medical facilities throughout the country. I am still very active in the field today.

I have an inquisitive mind. Even as a very small child I can remember my parents becoming frustrated by my constant questions and need to know why and how about…well, pretty much everything at that time. My focus has narrowed; however, since I have accepted the fact that math beyond a certain level completely boggles my mind, and in one life span there's just not enough time to read every book or explore every possible interest in depth. Still, a main priority in my life has been to obtain knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. At every level of my nursing career, I have been committed to honing these skills to assist patients and hospital staff by teaching, mentoring, supporting, and cheering them on. So for me, it was a natural evolution to expand my career into coaching and facilitating, because I have already been using a coaching approach throughout my entire nursing career.

I am a professionally certified life, loss. & grief coach. I facilitate tele-programs and local workshops for women.

Sharing the joy and adventure of women's travel came to life for me in 2001 while working as a Traveling RN at Indiana University Medical Center. It was winter and the lack of sunshine was taking its toll, so I organized a "Girl's Beach Weekend Escape" to Sarasota, FL for any OR nurse who could manage to getaway. Four other nurses went with me on that first trip, and they have been on multiple travel adventures with me every year for these past 15 years. We live in various regions of the country now, yet we have remained dear friends and continue to have an annual reunion weekend.

With my love for travel and realizing I was a natural planner for friends and family travel over the years; I incorporated this ability and passion into my career. My Women's Retreats are focused on fellowship and drawing closer to Jesus Christ. These retreats stand alone or are offered in combination with Women's Group Travel to incredible bucket-list destinations or with Women's Dream Experiences which focuses on the fulfillment of a particular desired experience.

So this is the professional path my life has taken to get me here and to what I do. I am grateful for every opportunity I have had in my career, and the way it has allowed me to achieve beyond what I once believed to be completely outside the realm of possibility. My personal and spiritual paths have been a much more turbulent journey as I have learned to surrender to God's will for my life.

Read about my spiritual journey and awakening.

Who I am

I am a woman who is living proof that Christ's love finds a way.

I am a woman who trusts in God to guide me in truth as both teacher and student.

I am a woman who joyfully loves the life the Creator has given me as I accept His forgiveness and cultivate gratitude for the events that have shaped my heart.

I am a woman who has learned to bow in reverence to the power of almighty God.

Speaking Engagements

Linda Murray-Figueroa, RN, BSN, CC, Founder of Chatoyant Living, LLC is an expressive inspirational presenter who informs and encourages women with her emotional intelligence and warm wisdom.

Available for:

  • Television & radio shows
  • Women's professional associations
  • Women's conferences
  • Women's retreats & workshops

If you would like to discuss a speaking engagement please call 321-759-7474 or email

Professional Qualifications

  • Indiana Wesleyan University, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Orange County Coaching Institute, Coaching Certification
  • Workshop & Retreat Facilitator Graduate
  • Sigma Theta Tau, International Nursing Honor Society, Inductee/Member
  • International Association of Coaching Member
  • 25 years of Nursing Continuing Education Courses/Certifications and Nursing Workshops

A chance to make a difference in the world...

Linda personally contributes donations as she is able to the following charities as a way of giving back.

Please consider making your own private donation to these worthy organizations or to a local charity of your choice.

...because small amounts become huge amounts when we all give.

Habitat for Humanity

Doctors without Borders

Women for Women International

St Jude's Children's Hospital

Ronald McDonald House