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Let's begin by answering the first question that is probably on your mind... how do I pronounce Chatoyant and what does it mean?


  • Having a changeable luster- varying in color when seen in different light or from different angles.
  • Showing a band of bright light reflected off aligned inclusions in a gemstone (especially when cut en cabochon)
  • A gleaming: like a cat's eye
  • The iridescence of a dragonfly or butterfly

Chatoyant Living: Every Christian woman is a gemstone of precious worth excavated and polished by our Savior Jesus Christ, so she may be a blessing to the world in which she lives, and loves, and fulfills her purpose.

Chatoyant Living is founded on the commitment to provide tools and support for women seeking to live an authentic Christian life. 

Chatoyant Living promotes women individually and as a group walking on the path of righteousness. Women often carry personal wounds and also the wounds of our mothers and their mothers before them. Christ yearns for us to accept unconditional love and understanding as healing for our wounds. 

Chatoyant Living embodies the practice of inclusion by honoring women of every nationality, race, and creed. What is sometimes labeled as weakness or flaws within ourselves or other women are simply honest aspects of who we are. Being self-judgmental, hiding, pretending, or obsessing to achieve an illusory perfect state by shaming ourselves over our physical nature, is a form of self-mutilation. The Chatoyant practice of light, clarity, and inclusion, encourages women to embrace the love, and honor bestowed on us as the daughters of our Creator God.

Chatoyant Living Life Coaching & Mentoring Services are offered 1:1 by Skype or by phone tailored to the individual's particular needs. Group programs and mentorships are on-going. These services are also offered in person if you reside on or visit Florida's Space Coast.

Chatoyant Living Loss and Grief Coaching is also offered 1:1 by phone, Skype, or in person designed with respect to individual needs and requests. Group sessions are not available currently unless you have a family group who request coaching together. Chatoyant Living provides coaching for grief arising from loss such as: the loss of innocence by abuse; loss of body image or function following trauma, disease, or aging; loss following acts of violence; loss such as infertility or having a child or loved one spiral into a life of drugs or crime, and other forms of loss personally identified.

Weep for my Children is a 1:1 mentorship offered via Skype, phone, or in person for mothers without custody of their children. This program is designed specifically for women who have experienced or are currently experiencing living daily life separated from their children (including adult children) due to legal custody arrangements, missing children, imprisonment, or other situation. Life and spiritual coaching is provided but legal advice is never given. Future group sessions are planned. Please inquire.

Chatoyant Living Women's Retreats and Travel Destinations are facilitated in person by our founder Linda and are the perfect combination and balance of mind and body relaxation, solitude, as well as fellowship with other incredible women of God, and immersion time for you to experience the sights, sounds, and tastes of breathtaking and experiential bucket list locations.

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For additional information on our services and programs we hope you enjoy exploring this website.

Please register today and join us for an upcoming event. Our retreats and Travel offerings are small intimate groups so space is limited. Please secure your spot today while there is availability, as space is limited.

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"Your sleepy eyes have opened. Your ears at last will hear.
You have a woman's heart. Love wide open and be clear.
Within each moment is the present. Wisdom's light and shadow sea,
Living tide of gracious mystery, You are home and you are free."

—Linda Murray-Figueroa

Linda is a registered nurse with a career that expands more than 25 years overlapping hospital based patient care, travel nursing, education, healthcare IT, and nation-wide consulting. She is also a certified life, loss & grief coach, a professionally trained women's workshop and retreat facilitator, public speaker, blogger, and author.

Raised in the Heartland of America, Linda's intention clearly comes from her heart and by her own intimate experiences of trauma, profound loss, and healing. She has been joyfully and painfully refined by her faith, and the lives she has connected with during her nursing and coaching careers. 

Linda is inspired by imperfectly perfect beauty. She feels her greatest contribution is in assisting other women as they turn life's challenges and painful transitions into the gemstones of their own personal and sacred works of art giving glory to Christ our Savior. 

"To God be the Glory. Great things He has done."

Please see the about page for more detail and a message from Linda.