Welcome to Chatoyant Living!

Let's begin by answering the first question that is probably on your mind... how do I pronounce Chatoyant and what does it mean?


  • Having a changeable luster- varying in color when seen in different light or from different angles.
  • Showing a band of bright light reflected off aligned inclusions in a gemstone (especially when cut en cabochon)
  • A gleaming: like a cat's eye
  • The iridescence of a dragonfly or butterfly

Chatoyant Living: A woman's exquisite awakening to self-honor and wholeness; a gemstone of precious worth, excavated, polished, and embracing her unique inclusions, she passionately emerges from within wisdom and brilliantly illuminates the world in which she lives, and loves, and has her purpose.

Chatoyant Living is founded on the commitment of providing tools and support for women seeking to live an authentic life. Through coaching and supported self-exploration techniques women are able to remember, reconnect, and clear the road blocks on their journey so they are able to experience a profound shift. Each experience like each woman's path is unique. These miraculous moments of awakening have been described in many ways such as... "freedom", "like coming home", "peace", "finding myself", "discovering my wholeness", "lifting the veil", and "entering The Kingdom".

Chatoyant Living cultivates connection and expression by providing and maintaining a safe and confidential space that is anchored in understanding and sacred trust. Your story is honored and heard. When the space between us is infused with the sacred presence of Spirit, even the things you think you just can't talk about come forward and lose their power to block the love flowing within you.

Chatoyant Living understands that each of us is a unique expression of being and none of us is lesser or greater than. We are all both teacher and student simultaneously within the present moment. To be a master is to be equally a novice and such distinctions are not necessary or relevant in a mindful relationship. The renewal of each woman's unique gifts of spiritual knowledge, wisdom, and personal power is respected and celebrated.

Chatoyant Living promotes women individually and as a group walking toward or on the path of wholeness. Society has historically been and still frequently remains hostile toward the feminine. As women we often carry not only our personal wounds, but also the wounds of our mothers and their mothers before them. Much like our digestive system "calls out" to us through both internal and external communication yearning for us to provide water and nutrition as fuel for the body, our spiritual system also "calls out" through internal and external communication yearning for us to accept unconditional love and understanding as healing for the soul. Reuniting with the parts of ourselves we feel disconnected from is a process of both vulnerability and strength which Chatoyant Living cultivates through transformational coaching, community, feminine wisdom, and integrative healing tools and techniques.

Chatoyant Living embodies the practice of inclusion by honoring women of every nationality, race, creed, sexual orientation, and religious persuasion. What is sometimes labeled as weakness or flaws within ourselves or other women are simply honest aspects of who we are. Being self-judgmental, hiding, pretending, and obsessing, to be "good" or to achieve an illusory perfect state by shaming ourselves over our natural physical, emotional, or psychological nature, is a spiritual form of self-mutilation. The Chatoyant practice of light, clarity, and inclusion, embrace these so called weaknesses and flaws and enfold them into the balance of our wholeness which is where they belong to receive abundant self-care, love, and honor, as the delightfully unique women that we all are.

Chatoyant Living Life and Spiritual Awakening Coaching & Mentoring Services are offered 1:1 by Skype or by phone tailored to the individual's particular needs. Group programs and mentorships are on-going. These services are also offered in person if you reside on or visit Florida's Space Coast.

Square Peg Round Hole is a mentorship for spiritual freedom beyond fundamentalism and literalism (post-traumatic religion syndrome). This program is offered 1:1 or in combination with group sessions.

Chatoyant Living Loss and Grief Coaching is also offered 1:1 by phone, Skype, or in person designed with respect to individual needs and requests. Group sessions are not available currently unless you have a family group who request coaching together. In addition to coaching you may choose to add The Red Bridge Connection, our unique mentorship that acknowledges the after-death communication and experiences that are common following the death of someone who has touched our lives. This short-term mentorship teaches practical and intuitive methods to honor and lovingly participate in personal spirit communication with a beloved family member, friend, or our ancestors who have gone before us. Loss: In the absence of death it is often difficult to recognize grief as grief. Chatoyant Living provides coaching for grief arising from loss such as: the loss of innocence by abuse; loss of body image or function following trauma, disease, or aging; loss of personal power following acts of violence; loss of fulfillment of your deepest desire such as infertility or having a child or loved one spiral into a life of drugs or crime, and other forms of loss personally identified.

Weep for my Children is a 1:1 mentorship offered via Skype, phone, or in person for mothers without custody of their children. This program is designed specifically for women who have experienced or are currently experiencing living daily life separated from their children (including adult children) due to legal custody arrangements, missing children, imprisonment, or other situation. Life and spiritual coaching is provided but legal advice is never given. Future group sessions are planned. Please inquire.

Chatoyant Living Women Wisdom Circles are monthly gatherings that honor the ancient tradition of women coming together as sisters supporting each other in community. These circles are both a time for soulful reflection and lively sharing and laughter. Mind-body-spirit education is presented to promote deeper awakening of our joy, passion, and authenticity. A safe and honored space is held for speaking our truths and listening without judgement. Each circle culminates in a unique and meaningful ceremony that prepares and launches us into a new month of conscious living and loving; a chatoyant reflection of our beauty and wisdom.

Chatoyant Living Women's Retreats and Travel Destinations are facilitated in person by our founder Linda and are the perfect combination and balance of spiritual and life purpose awakening/renewal, mind and body relaxation, solitude as well as communion with other incredible women on the path of discovery, and immersion time for you to experience the sights, sounds, and tastes of breathtaking and experiential bucket list locations.

Chatoyant Living Intuitive Arts and Chatoyant Living Healing Arts* are holistic and integrative methods of spiritual transformation healing offered with compassionate intention and integrity. The services and programs offered are infused with but not limited to:

  • conscious awareness
  • meditation
  • relaxation
  • education
  • play
  • philosophy
  • creative arts
  • breath work
  • music and healing sound
  • movement including free-form dance and light yoga
  • psychic arts
  • bridgework (mediumship)
  • mind-body-spirit practices
  • prayer
  • therapeutic touch
  • chakra awakening and balancing
  • aromatherapy
  • energy work
  • Christ consciousness
  • dream interpretation
  • Native American and modern shamanic practices
  • intuition
  • balancing divine feminine and divine masculine
  • synchronicity
  • mindfulness
  • guided meditation and imagery
  • sacred ceremonies

Chatoyant Living understands the transformative alchemy that occurs when what is true and authentic in each of us speaks and listens mindfully with what is true and authentic in others without any judgement or hidden agenda. This spiritual connection allows us to recognize each other as sisters in sacred communion with heart felt compassion and deep understanding of ourselves as autonomous beings. Through this respectful allowing we experience the power of acceptance and unconditional love which awakens and enlightens us into the mystery of our deepest nature, which is One being. Spiritual teaching often stops here with the admonishment to meld into pure consciousness and rid oneself of ego. Chatoyant Living operates from the transformational wisdom that we are both wholly united being and yet wholly autonomous beings. Living within the radiant light of Oneness we are Love's unique reflection finally free and safe to dance as our true selves with the shadow of ego aligned in the light, gracefully following in the rhythm of the dance. Like lustrous gemstones we are all the imperfectly perfect expressions of light, clarity, and inclusion.

This is Chatoyant Living©...

For additional information on our services and programs we hope you enjoy exploring this website.

If your soul is calling and you are ready to take the leap please register today and join us for an upcoming event. Our retreats and Travel offerings are small intimate groups so space is limited. Please secure your spot today while there is availability, as space is limited.

If you are considering a coaching session or program, please contact us with any questions.

*See disclaimer

"Your sleepy eyes have opened. Your ears at last will hear.
You have a woman's heart. Love wide open and be clear.
Within each moment is the present. Wisdom's light and shadow sea,
Living tide of gracious mystery, You are home and you are free."

—Linda Murray-Figueroa

Linda is an intriguing and inspiring balance of left-brained intellect and right-brained intuitive.

She is a registered nurse with a career that expands more than 25 years overlapping hospital based patient care, travel nursing, education, healthcare IT, and nation-wide consulting. She is also a certified life, spiritual, loss & grief coach, a professionally trained women's workshop and retreat facilitator, public speaker, intuitive, blogger, and author.

Raised in the Heartland of America, Linda's early life was a dichotomy of fear-based religious training and the untamed rhythms of simple country life that provided refuge and freedom for her to connect with animals, the earth and its natural cycles, and the spirit that speaks beyond words.

Linda's intention clearly comes from her heart center. The spiritual understanding and the compassionate nonintrusive support she offers to other women comes to her through the gifts and humility of deep wisdom. She has been joyfully and painfully refined by the lives she connected with during her nursing and coaching careers and by her own intimate experiences of trauma, profound loss, and healing.

As a lover of life, Linda is inspired by imperfectly perfect beauty, and how diversity is supported and nourished by a complex cosmic system whose core is the essence of unconditional love. She feels her greatest contribution is in assisting other women with their awakening and self-realization so they can turn life's challenges and painful transitions into the gemstones of their own personal and sacred works of art.

"Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myself."

Please see the about page for more detail and a message from Linda.